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Socrates the Skinhead


This is a collection of memory and memoir revolving around Aleksei Sutuga, a Russian anti-fascist and anarchist. The book includes interviews and talks given by Sutuga, as well as his recollections of life in Siberian prison. This book offers the reader a fascinating chronicle of the most active period in the history of the Russian anti-fascist movement. Unfortunately, the Russian state has monopolised and appropriated anti-fascism and attempts to use it to justify mass murder in Ukraine. However, there was a time when the anti-fascist movement was true to its meaning and also resulted in the death, imprisonment, and emigration of its participants. The book tells us what the contemporary anti-war and anti-fascist movements can learn from the experience of Russian anti-fascists while also highlighting the importance of recording and researching recent history. Aleksei Sutuga, aka Socrates, was an anarchist and anti-fascist. He played a key role in founding the anarchist organisation Autonomous Action. He participated in theatre performances staged by Teatr.Doc about torture. The performances were based on the documented testimonies of the Network case defendants. He was imprisoned twice and recognised as a political prisoner. Socrates passed away on 1 September 2020, due to injuries sustained in a fight unrelated to politics.

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Subtitel: The Life of a Russian Antifascist
Auteur: Collective
Jaar: 2024
ISBN: 9781914567445
Pagina's: 312
Taal: English
Uitgever: Active Publishing
Uitgever stad: Krnjak / Karlovac
Verschijningsdatum: 2024-05-02
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