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Soemoed 52/2


Susan Abulhawa: History will prove that Israel committed genocide in Gaza (pp. 4-7).
Gaza is a crime scene (pp. 8-12).
Israel and the laws of war – a conversation with the lawyer Neve Gordon (pp. 13-17).
The past is being destroyed in Palestine – as is the present (pp. 18-23) .
Lawyer Raji Sourani: ‘The law of the jungle used by Israel is a two-way street – anger at the West is increasing’ (pp. 24-26).
Gaza reporter Diaa al-Kahlout remembers captivity in Israel: ’the toughest 33 days of my life’ (pp. 27-28).
‘The ghosts of Gaza continue to haunt me’ – an interview with photojournalist Motaz Azaiza (pp. 29-30).
The unprecedented number of murders of journalists has a major influence on reporting on Gaza (pp. 31-36).
Poem Marwan Makhoul – excerpt from ‘Sunday sermon’ (p. 37).
Bedouins – the weakest link in Israel’s war against HAMAS (pp. 38-39).
‘If you don’t leave the area, we will kill you’ – hundreds of Palestinians flee Jewish settler violence in the Al-Khalil/Hebron region (pp. 40-43).
Palestinians hold first Gaza war protests in Israel – after months of silence (pp. 44-46).
The many civil and human rights challenges facing Palestinian citizens of Israel (pp. 47-48).
Gaza – the Arab World’s resounding failure (pp. 49-50).
The Egyptian public and the war on Gaza (pp. 51-52).
Palestine and the limits of permissible protest in Jordan (pp. 53-54).
Listening to the walls of the refugee camps – Lebanon since October 7 (pp. 55-56).
The United States has less influence on Israel than people think (pp. 57-60).
Israel’s campaign to abolish UNRWA (pp. 61-63).

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Subtitel: Gaza: verwoestingen, ontheemding, genocide reacties in Palestina'48 en in de regio escalerend kolonistengeweld Israels aanval op de UNRWA
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Jaar: 2024
Pagina's: 63
Taal: Dutch / Nederlands
Uitgever: Nederlands Palestina Komitee
Uitgever stad: Amsterdam
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