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Speaking East


Isidore Isou was a young Jew in wartime Bucharest who barely survived the Romanian Holocaust. He made his way to Paris, where, in 1945, he founded the avant-garde movement Lettrism, described as the missing link between Dada, Surrealism, Situationism, and May ’68. In Speaking East, Andrew Hussey presents a colorful picture of the postwar Left Bank, where Lettrist fists flew in avantgarde punch-ups in Jazz clubs and cafes, and where Isou as sexy and as charismatic as the young Elvis gathered around him a group of hooligan disciples who argued, drank, and had sex with the Parisian intellectual elite. This is a vibrant account of the life and times of a pivotal figure in the history of modern art.

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Subtitel: The Strange and Enchanted Life of Isidore Isou
Auteur: Hussey, Andrew
Jaar: 0
ISBN: 9781789144932
Pagina's: 328
Taal: English
Uitgever: Reaktion Books
Uitgever stad: London
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