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Survival of the Richest


The tech elite have a plan to survive the apocalypse: they want to leave us all behind. Five mysterious billionaires summoned Douglas Rushkoff to a desert resort for a private talk. The topic? How to survive ‘The Event’: the societal catastrophe they know is coming. Rushkoff came to understand that these men were under the influence of ‘The Mindset’, a Silicon Valley-style certainty that they can break the laws of physics, economics, and morality to escape a disaster of their own making – as long as they have enough money and the right technology. In Survival of the Richest, Rushkoff traces the origins of The Mindset in science and technology through its current expression in missions to Mars, island bunkers, and the Metaverse. This mind-blowing work of social analysis shows us how to transcend the landscape The Mindset created – a world alive with algorithms and intelligences actively rewarding our most selfish tendencies – and rediscover community, mutual aid, and human interdependency. Instead of changing the people, he argues, we can change the programme.

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Auteur: Rushkoff, Douglas
Jaar: 2022
ISBN: 9781914484704
Pagina's: 224
Taal: English
Uitgever: Scribe
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