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The art of rebellion III


The focus of this book, the third in the series, is not on the ubiquitous stickers and stencils found everywhere today; instead, Hundertmark (AKA C100) uses his insider knowledge to carefully curate the selection, showcasing only the most outstanding and engaging work. Street art’s ability to inject wit, whimsy, and social commentary into commonplace urban environments is evident in projects such as a street sign masked with a bright yellow daisy, or a plain white wall with the word “BAD” scrawled across it in bright red script. With more than 200 full color pages, The Art of Rebellion 3 is an unforgettable visual journey through the latest and greatest street art.

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Subtitel: The book about street art
Auteur: C100
Jaar: 2010
ISBN: 9783939566298
Pagina's: 216
Taal: English
Uitgever: Publikat
Uitgever stad: Mainaschaff
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