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The Profits Of Extermination


Published to acclaim – and death threats against its author and bombings of his union’s offices – in Colombia, The Profits Of Extermination uncovers the role of multinational mining and energy companies in Colombia’s violence. Through legal maneuvers, corruption, and direct use of paramilitary violence, foreign companies have taken over Colombia’s resources, displacing and murdering those who have challenged them. Illustrated throughout with photographs – and with a wealth of accompanying documents – this English edition is translated, and introduced, by Aviva Chomsky.

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Subtitel: How U.S. corporate power is destroying Colombia
Auteur: Chomsky, Aviva (Translator) & Francisco Cuellar
Jaar: 2005
ISBN: 9781567513226
Pagina's: 150
Taal: English
Uitgever: Common Courage Press
Uitgever stad: Monroe
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