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The Republic Shall Be Kept Clean


The colonizing wars against Native Americans created the template for anticommunist repression in the United States. Tariq D. Khan’s analysis reveals bloodshed and class war as foundational aspects of capitalist domination and vital elements of the nation’s long history of internal repression and social control. Khan shows how the state wielded the tactics, weapons, myths, and ideology refined in America’s colonizing wars to repress anarchists, labor unions, and a host of others labeled as alien, multi-racial, multi-ethnic urban rabble. The ruling classes considered radicals of all stripes to be anticolonial insurgents. As Khan charts the decades of red scares that began in the 1840s, he reveals how capitalists and government used much-practiced counterinsurgency rhetoric and tactics against the movements they perceived and vilified as “anarchist.”

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Subtitel: How Settler Colonial Violence Shaped Antileft Repression
Auteur: Khan, Tariq D.
Jaar: 2023
ISBN: 9780252087431
Pagina's: 272
Taal: English
Uitgever: University of Illinois Press
Uitgever stad: Chicago
Verschijningsdatum: 2023-09-05
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