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The Secret World Of Terijian


For every forest destroyed… And so begins The Secret World of Terijian, a heart-wrenching story recounting the adventure of two youngsters and the secret world hidden behind their homes. Days are spent playing make-believe and enjoying the world among the woods, and one of the little ones begins his adventure to earn a Hawk’s feather. However, when a looming force threatens to destroy their forest, our heroes Moriko and Connor must stand to defend what they love.
From its enchanting beginnings to its heartbreaking end, The Secret World of Terijian is a tale for the starry-eyed youth in us all. The book is a benefit for all targets of the Green Scare; all proceeds after production costs will go directly to earth and animal liberation prisoners and defendants.

Artikelnummer: 22474 Categorie: Tags: , ,
Auteur: Anonymous and Bahiyyih (Illustrator)
Jaar: 2007
Pagina's: 93
Taal: English
Uitgever: CrimethInc.
Uitgever stad: Olympia
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