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The Shared Mind : Perspectives on intersubjectivity : 12


The cognitive and language sciences are increasingly oriented towards the social dimension of human cognition and communication. The hitherto dominant approach in modern cognitive science has viewed “social cognition” through the prism of the traditional philosophical puzzle of how individuals solve the problem of understanding Other Minds. The Shared Mind challenges the conventional “theory of mind” approach, proposing that the human mind is fundamentally based on intersubjectivity: the sharing of affective, conative, intentional and cognitive states and processes between a plurality of subjects. The socially shared, intersubjective foundation of the human mind is manifest in the structure of early interaction and communication, imitation, gestural communication and the normative and argumentative nature of language. In this path breaking volume, leading researchers from psychology, linguistics, philosophy and primatology offer complementary perspectives on the role of intersubjectivity in the context of human development, comparative cognition and evolution, and language and linguistic theory.

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Auteur: Zlatev, Jordan & Timothy P. Racine & Chris Sinha & Esa Itkonen (red.)
Jaar: 2008
ISBN: 9789027239068
Pagina's: 391
Taal: English
Uitgever: John Benjamins Publishing
Uitgever stad: Amsterdam
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