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The terror in Russia


“The Terror in Russia – An Appeal to the British Nation” is 1909 pamphlet calling for a British intervention against the Czar’s brutal regime, by Russian sociologist Peter Kropotkin. In this pamphlet, Kropotkin highlights the insincerity of the 1905 Manifesto and focuses on the suppression of free speech, as well as the appalling conditions in prisons where overcrowding, brutality, and disease were commonplace. Contents include: “The Prisons”, “Suicides in Prisons”, “Executions”, “The Exiles”, “Evidence Laid Before the First and Second Duma on Courts Martial, Executions, and Overcrowding of Prisons”, “Provocation to Violence and the Participation of Police Officials in Crime”, “The Union of Russian Men”, etc. Pyotr Alexeyevich Kropotkin (1842–1921) was a Russian writer, activist, revolutionary, economist, scientist, sociologist, essayist, historian, researcher, political scientist, geographer, geographer, biologist, philosopher and advocate of anarcho-communism. He was a prolific writer, producing a large number of pamphlets and articles, the most notable being “The Conquest of Bread and Fields, Factories and Workshops” and “Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution”. This classic work is being republished now in a new edition complete with an excerpt from “Comrade Kropotkin” by Victor Robinson.

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