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Trans Magazine #5 2023


Team TRANS magazine has put together the fifth edition of TRANS magazine! The theme of the magazine this year is ‘beyond trans’, focused on the talent that can be found within the trans community. A lot of the time the media contains extensive opinion pieces and background articles about medical transitions and healthcare waiting lists for trans people. The focus on the medical records and physical faces of trans people pushes us into boxes that make it impossible to show that we are so much more, and can do so much more.This fifth edition of TRANS magazine focuses beyond the medical and features 25 very talented creators who were all allowed to explore their own talents. Expect poetry, illustrations, photography, essays, fiction, interviews and much more.

Language: Dutch and English

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Subtitel: voorbij trans/beyond trans
Auteur: Trans Magazine
Jaar: 2023
Pagina's: 92
Taal: Dutch / Nederlands
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