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When Language Broke Open


When Language Broke Open collects the creative offerings of forty-five queer and trans Black writers of Latin American descent who use poetry, prose, and visual art to illustrate Blackness as a geopolitical experience that is always changing. Telling stories of Black Latinidades, this anthology centers the multifaceted realities of the LGBTQ community.
By exploring themes of memory, care, and futurity, these contributions expand understandings of Blackness in Latin America, the Caribbean, and their U.S.-based diasporas. The volume offers up three central questions: How do queer and/or trans Black writers of Latin American descent address memory? What are the textures of caring, being cared for, and accepting care as Black queer and/or trans people of Latin American descent? And how do queer and trans embodiments help us understand and/or question the past and the present, and construct a Black, queer, and trans future?
The works collected in this anthology encompass a multitude of genres–including poetry, autobiography, short stories, diaries, visual art, and a graphic memoir–and feature the voices of established writers alongside emerging voices. Together, the contributors challenge everything we think we know about gender, sexuality, race, and what it means to experience a livable life.

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Subtitel: An Anthology of Queer and Trans Black Writers of Latin American Descent
Auteur: Lopez, Alan Pelaez
Jaar: 2023
ISBN: 9780816549962
Pagina's: 320
Taal: English
Uitgever: University of Arizona Press
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