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Women and Sexuality in Muslim Societies


Women and Sexuality in Muslim Societies is grouped under six sections; namely: Islam, Sexuality and Sexual Politics; Pleasure, Desire and Love; Virginity, Marriage and Control of Women’s Sexuality; Eroticism, Love and Sexuality Between Women; Sexual Harassment, Rape and Sexual Abuse and Diverse Practices, Diverse Strategies. As the first comprehensive reader on the subject, this compilation of over 40 pieces, ranging from academic articles to personal accounts, research papers to poems, represents a well-rounded picture of women and sexuality in Muslim societies from various countries and perspectives.

Artikelnummer: 19415 Categorie: Tags: , ,
Auteur: Women for Women's Human Rights (WWHR)
Jaar: 2000
ISBN: 9757014060
Pagina's: 455
Taal: English
Uitgever: Women for Women's Human Rights (WWHR)
Uitgever stad: Gumussuyu - Istanbul, 34439
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