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Zündlumpen – Anthology


From February 2019 to September 2021, “Anarchistisches Wochenblatt Zündlumpen” (TN: “Zündlumpen Anarchist Periodical”) was published in Munich, Germany. It was never really clear whether Zündlumpen was more of a street paper or a discussion paper for anarchists – it included elements of both approaches. It was notorious for its combative style, and it had a certain emphasis on a radical critique of the covid measures and all of their supporters, whether they call themselves anarchist or not, and it reinforced and developed this critique over time with ever more detailed and in-depth analyses. In addition to covid, the newspaper simultaneously dealt with other topics which are, of course, inseparable: militarism and police, psychiatry, repression, technology and cybernetics, genetic engineering and transhumanism, individualism and egoism, morality and behavioral control, civilization. It explored the omnipresent question of how we as anarchists want to act and deal with each other, while continuing to welcome revolts and acts of sabotage, and engaging debates across the issues. In September 2021, Zündlumpen was then discontinued after a total of 85 issues out of concerns about repression. In fact, a preliminary investigation was opened against various people accused of publishing Zündlumpen, the outcome of which is still pending. A selection of articles have been translated into English and compiled in an anthology, that will be presented in this evening. After that, we want to discuss with you about covid and leftism, science and technology.

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Auteur: Kollektiv
Jaar: 2024
ISBN: Zonder
Pagina's: 260
Taal: English
Uitgever: De Verdieping / Rupture distro
Uitgever stad: Amsterdam
Verschijningsdatum: 2024-03-08
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